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Footscray Lions Co-operative Village

Attention:  Interested Stakeholders

The planned redevelopment of the Lions Senior Citizens Village located at 68-78 Summerhill Road, West Footscray is intended to occur over the ensuing 18 months. Please find below links to the supporting architectural and landscape drawings and reports associated with the planned redevelopment.

The Victoria Government has recently announced it will provide funding for a Proposal submitted by United Housing Co-operative (UHC) in partnership with Lions Club Footscray and as part of the Big Victorian Housing Build initiative.  This exciting project will involve the demolition of the existing 21 single storey 1960s era dwellings and its replacement with 49 apartments offering high standards of internal and external amenity and accessibility, in a building that is part two and part three storeys in height, with a mix of one and two bedroom apartments in a building with four wings designed around a central courtyard. UHC will manage the apartments, which will be jointly owned with Lions Club Footscray. The UHC is a not-for-profit community housing provider.

The re-development will continue to provide much needed affordable housing for low income older people, predominantly occupied by women over the age of 55 years, including the current residents.   The development will have a strong focus on sustainability, adaptability and ageing in place.  The design will build on the legacy of the existing Lions Village, congregated around a central court yard with a community facility and UHC’s co-operative housing model.  The new development will include a community facility, community garden, orchard and solar power.

The Victoria Government has introduced a streamlined planning approvals process for the assessment and approval of projects funded by the Big Housing Build Initiative (via Clause 52.20 of all planning schemes). This process requires a project proponent to undertake consultation with all affected stakeholders, including Council, servicing authorities, nearby landowners and residents.    The Minister for Energy, Environment, and Climate Change is the responsible authority for assessing the project (rather than the Maribyrnong City Council). The normal planning permit application process, including public notice and review rights (to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) do not apply to an application under this streamlined planning process.

Careful regard has been given to ensuring that amenity impacts associated with the project have been mitigated. The proposal meets all relevant objectives of the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme regarding overlooking, overshadowing, and side and rear boundary setbacks. A construction management plan will be prepared to ensure that construction stage impacts on nearby residents are mitigated.    The project team invites you to provide written feedback on the project either by email – to UHC: admin@unitedhousing.org.au or via post to: United Housing
Co-operative, P.O. Box 252, Yarraville 3013.  Written responses should be provided by Friday 29th October 2021.

An information session has been scheduled for 5:30pm on Wednesday 20th October 2021 via the Zoom online platform which will provide the opportunity for the project team to present the project and explain the proposed design.   Please RSVP for the information session via email to admin@unitedhousing.org.au at least 24 hours before the information session commences. Meeting invites will be emailed to those who have RSVP’d. The project team will present the project to attendees and there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the project afterwards.

Further details regarding the project, including a full set of architectural and landscape drawings and supporting reports (planning report, traffic report, waste management plan) are attached through following links on this web site.

Should you wish to raise any planning or design questions please contact Michael Dunn from Metropol Planning Solutions, town planning consultants, on michael@metropolplanning.com.au  or 03 9882 3900.

Any questions on the ongoing management of the facility or tenancy arrangements should be directed to Peter Sibly at peter.sibly@unitedhousing.org.au or phone on 03 9689 8157, during business hours.

All feedback received will be considered by the project team. All opportunities to respond to the issues raised via changes to the design will be explored. The issues raised in submissions will be summarised in a consultation report that will be submitted to the State Government for approval. The report will be made available on the Homes for Victoria website and will identify each issue raised and how the project team has responded to it.

If you need assistance with translation please: please click on the “select language” drop down menu at the top of the page and select your preferred language.

If you need further assistance with either translations or audio/visual assistance please contact Fiona at United Housing Co-operative  on 03 9689 8157.

The Footscray Lions Co-operative Village will provide a great addition to this municipality providing high quality affordable and sustainable housing for low income residents in a community setting, assisting to maintain the diversity and of our wonderful municipality.

We look forward to the communities support for this exciting and innovative development which we believe will become a benchmark model for older renters and hopefully inspire other similar innovative social housing projects.

Thank you,

Peter Sibly

Project Director

United Housing Co-operative & Lions Club of Footscray.

Please find below links to the supporting architectural and landscape drawings and reports associated with the planned redevelopment of the Lions Senior Citizens Village located at 68-78 Summerhill Road, West Footscray.

United Housing and its project team seek your feedback on the proposed design for an apartment building that will continue to provide affordable housing for low income older people and their carers.

Footscray Lions Co-operative Village – Architectural Drawings

Footscray Lions Co-operative Village – Architects Design Statement

Footscray Lions Co-operative Village – Landscape Concept Plan

Footscray Lions Co-operative Village – Planning Assessment Report

Footscray Lions Co-operative Village – Traffic Impact Assessment

Footscray Lions Co-operative Village – Waste Mamanagement Plan