In Australia we are facing a housing crisis. More and more households are struggling in insecure and unaffordable housing. As we know, housing cooperatives offer an alternative.

This study will develop an evidence base about the benefits of the Australian affordable rental housing cooperative sector. It will identify the benefits of these housing cooperatives to coop members and the broader community and calculate the cost effectiveness of delivering those benefits. The research will focus on cooperatives that are part of CENSW, CEHSA in South Australia, CEHL Ltd and United Housing Co-operative in Victoria, and Federation Housing in Western Australia. This will help to show the diversity of the sector across Australia. The project aims to create an evidence base of what works in cooperative housing and challenges currently being faced, to help the sector and policy makers make decisions about how the sector might grow.

There are a few ways that housing cooperative members can take part in the project and the research team are keen to hear from you. If you live in a rental housing cooperative and are interested in taking part, please contact Bronwyn Bate:

To find out more about the project you can visit our website: