United Housing is a not-for-profit organisation where members, as the key stakeholders have ultimate control over the governance of the Co-operative. Under the rules of the UHC’s Constitution and the Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS)Regulatory Framework, members entrust responsibility for the governance of the co-operative to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors consists of six Member Directors and two Independent Directors. Member Directors are elected from, and by, the members at the Annual General Meeting, and the two Independent Directors are appointed by the Member Directors. Committees are formed for the purpose of undertaking various specific organisational functions and are accountable to the Board. The rules of the Constitution describe the process for members to nominate to become Board Members and process for conducting the election of a Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors have responsibility for governance matters and to govern responsibly in accordance with Co-operative’s policies and principles. The Board must represent the interest of members and consult with members on policy changes and significant governance matters.  The Board must also ensure regular reporting to the members through various communication channels.

The Board of Directors delegate responsibility for the management of operational matters to the General Manager who is accountable to the Board. The staff team, currently consists of the PropertyManager, Tenancy & Property Management Co-ordinator, Finance Co-ordinator and Member Services Officer, accountable to the General Manager.

UHC’s staff team, currently consists of the Property Manager, Tenancy & Property Management Co-ordinator, Finance & Administration Co-ordinator and Tenancy and Member Services Officer, and are accountable to the General Manager.
Paris Wojniak


Year of entry into the United Housing Co-op: 2010

Previously on the board with the portfolio:
2015-2019 Member Services Director: 4 years

Mission: To provide members with opportunities to:

  • Upskill – to create better opportunities for self-improvement through a range of activities.
  • Socialise – to nurture or create new relationships and connect with our community.
  • Communicate – help members achieve their goals in regards to the direction of the co-op and facilitate avenues for innovative ideas to be bought to the membership for everyone to enjoy.
  • Advocate – help to effectively communicate member issues and ideas to the board and/or staff.

My Motto: Kind, generous and thoughtful.

Sonia Osegueda

Deputy of  Finance

Year of entry into the United Housing Co-op: 2010

Became a member of the UHC Board of Directors: 2012 as part of the Finance Committee and became Deputy of Finance in 2017.

Cameron Bloye

Independent Director – Legal

Cameron Bloye joined the United Housing Co-operative Ltd as the ‘Independent Director – Legal’ in 2020.

Cameron holds a Bachelor of Arts, Grad. Dip Legal Practice and a Juris Doctor (post-graduate law).

Mission: To help United Housing deliver high quality and affordable housing to its community.

Background:  Cameron has been working as a lawyer in community legal centres since 2016, predominately working with clients with mental health issues and victims of family violence.

My Motto:  Act with integrity, honesty and respect.

David Anderson

Independent Director – Finance
United Housing Co-operative Board member since 2014.
Charted Accountant


  • Building a strong team, working collaboratively and delivering results.
  • To ensure high level of financial management and transparency.
  • To work with the Board and management to grow the number of properties owned and managed by UHC.
  • To ensure efficient, effective use of UHC financial resources.

My Motto:  Working together to maximise outcomes.

Melissa Milne

Director of Member Services

Year of entry into the United Housing Co-op: 2016

Melissa graduated with an Honours degree in Psychology and is currently working towards her Master of Psychology and holds registration as a provisional psychologist. Melissa has worked in various roles including project administration, payroll, disability support and alcohol and drug counselling.

Mission:  Striving for continuity of the success of the co-operative as well as fostering positive growth for the future. Encouragement for members to:

  • Foster independence to grow and achieve as individuals
  • Increase members well-being via psychoeducation
  • Be bold and brave, and to make change via participation
  • Embrace the benefits that being part of a co-operative brings.

My Motto: Empowerment, growth and commitment.

Mea Locksley

Director of Property Management and Maintenance

Year of entry into the United Housing Co-op: 1996

I have been a Board member several times and on many committees


  • To ensure a high standard of housing for our members
  • Have workable and fair policies in place
  • Make sure that members have their say in any maintenance at their property
  • To always be available to discuss maintenance matters with members

My Motto:  Fairness and equality in all things

Heather Alvanos

Director of Tenancy

Year of entry into the United Housing Co-op: 1998

Became a Member of UHC Board of Directors: 2018 (previously served on the Board as Treasurer and Chairperson)


  • To live, love, enjoy life
  • To never miss an opportunity
  • To keep on learning new things

My Motto: What doesn’t kills you makes you stronger and it’s also a great song!

Laurice Younge

Director of Policy

Year of entry into the United Housing Co-op: 1996

Became a Member of UHC Board of Directors: 2016


  • To ensure a high standard of governance and legislative compliance.
  • Have workable and fair policies in place.
  • To contribute to equal opportunity all governance and operations.

My Motto:  Fairness and equality in all things